About Us


LA’s finest soft serve ice cream

Located in DTLA, one of the most diverse cities in America, Little Damage is a small family owned business that draws its inspiration from the rich cultural fabric that makes Los Angeles special. 
We will keep you on your toes by rotating our flavors seasonally and adding featured flavors throughout the year. Don’t be surprised if you take a trip down memory lane while licking your cone of soft serve ice cream! We have fun creating all the various flavors so we want them to be just as fun for you to enjoy!
Rather than offering a conventional selection, we offer unique recipes that allow you step outside of your comfort zone and get a little adventurous. It’s time to live a little!!! And once you lick it, it’s yours! Note: At least one vegan option will always be included in the rotation to accommodate those who are dairy free.
Preparing our ice cream is a labor of love. We accept only the best taste and to ensure the quality you deserve, we prepare ice cream daily in small batches, using local ingredients supplied by organic dairy farmers. Our signature black cones are naturally colored with activated charcoal, and hand rolled minutes before you get one.
Above all, we envision Little Damage to be a place where treasured memories are made. Whether it be a first date, family outing, or your go-to lunch break, we wish every visit to be a memorable one. Capture all of the best moments with our free photo booth! The only place worry can be found at this special ice cream shop is at the bottom of an empty cup or the last bite of a charcoal cone. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers happy!